How To:

This is all about you. I really want your help and input.

How does one suffer well?

That’s it. Please discuss. Pretty pretty please.


5 thoughts on “How To:

  1. It is very beautiful thing to be in a situation where you rely on God or everything disintegrates because in these cases you rely on God and everything does not disintegrate, at least not in the sense of your new found perspective.

  2. Ritz, here is my take;
    (Firstly, let me clarify. Although I do not identify with the figure/being that you call “God,” I do have a defined concept of a force in and of the universe that is compassionate and active in my life. I believe that this force takes care of me and generally grows me by exposing me to new or uncomfortable things. So, for all intensive purposes, I shall just use the word “God” too, so I don’t have to say the “the Force” or “the Universe” or “It/He/She/They.”)
    Whenever I feel stretched to the limits of my intellectual, emotional, and psychological self, I try to remember that God created us STRETCHY. We will never shrink back to our old capacities, making us ever more capable to cope with obstacles. Think of yourself as Elasta-girl, forever outreaching.
    That being said, I don’t agree with passively accepting your fate to suffer. We all know that the liklihood of God parting the clouds to shoo away our problems is not great. As sensitive, intelligent, observant sorts of things, we are bound to have higher highs and lower lows, but lets not get stuck in the muck of the lows. There’s no glory in that kind of martyrdom. God created nervous breakdowns and anxiety disorders for a reason too, and their message is hard to swallow. We are capable of amazing acts of compassion and kindness, but don’t expect to accomplish them when you are tired, beat down, and maybe stretched to strain.
    One of the most important principles in Yoga is the awareness and knowledge of the difference between stretch and strain. Only through that truth and acceptance can you push your limits to betterment.
    I hope you have a better week.

  3. For me, to suffer well is to allow yourself to experience the emotions that are flowing though you. Give them respect, give them a name, and let them pass through you. We are created to be emotional beings and justly, our emotions flow–they are not meant to be stationary.

    Love you.

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