de jalisco

I don’t know what claim this holds outside of my family, but according to Gamma (the one who rarely asked me to learn her something) Jalisco is a place in Mexico from which all the most beautiful women come.

Gamma says I’m smart, like Sherlock Holmes. Well…she said it ONCE, in reference to how I was able to observe the small behaviors in the drs and nurses and deduce what was going on with my mom’s treatment (mom had a 4 month hospital stint summer of ’04) .

So once, Gamma said I was like Sherlock. Sherlocka, she called me. Sherlocka de Jalisco.

(she was calling me smart AND pretty)

It happened six years ago, driving in a 97 pontiac grand am with broken AC down a street from i-45 to Clear Lake Hospital, and it still makes me smile to think of the 4’11” woman who probably influenced my idiosyncratic speech more than anything else, and is represented by the ruby on my necklace. Do you have any of those little family moments that remind you of the good, the fun, the beautiful? Share them, I think we should all try to remember those more.

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