Not a Fortune Cookie: What to do With Seeming Falsehoods in the Proverbs

Have you ever read something in the Bible and thought, “Since I’m a Christian, I know I’m supposed to affirm that this is true. But it sure doesn’t SEEM true.” ? It’s not one of those things I always feel comfortable admitting ’cause… I’ve got this idea that good Christian girls don’t do that.

As I’ve mentioned before, my disciple and I are currently reading through the Bible in one year, following ASCC’s Bible Reading Plan.

Except that I’ve just been neglecting Proverbs for the past two weeks. Part of the plan for right now is to go through Proverbs and I’ve just been camping out other places.  So today, I was catching up on about 10 chapters of Proverbs, and i remembered:

The proverbs are sometimes very confusing. The Bible is true, so why do some of the assertions from proverbs seem to be false? Like the wicked man loosing his riches. I know of lots of wicked men who keep their riches till they die! Or that a bright face is good medicine. Sometimes a bright face jsut annoys people.

Ahh… the answer is that I need to know what I’m reading. Reading Harry Potter isn’t doing to do you much good if you’re looking for a cookbook. Nor is The Babysitter’s Handbook going to be useful if what you really need if the manual to your computer. So too, Proverbs are good, useful, and edifying, but they’ll be far more so if you know what they’re supposed to do. :)

Check out this article for more help.


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