May I Have a French Kiss?

My strong aversion to tongues notwithstanding, I think this is cute.

I’m really bad at ordering from menus.  Like, I look at them, but I just don’t take in the information very well. So I can “read” a menu for 10 minutes (literally, looking at every word) and come away with still no idea what I want to order. I have two coping mechanisms:

  1. Friends who are just AMAZING and know me so well that they order for me and
  2. Making said friends out of my waiters/waitresses/barristas.

So at Genuine Joe, a fun coffee shop (second, of course, to Dominican Joe) on Anderson close to Burnet here in Austin, a friendly barista once listened to the litany of preferences and dietary issues I posses and whipped up something she said was called a “French Kiss.” Every time I come in, she makes it for me. Sometimes she puts it on ice, sometimes she adds whip, but I never have to order, per se.  It’s a great system.

Unless I walk in, she isn’t working, and I unthinkingly ask the man over the counter:

“May I have a French kiss, please?”

I am excellent at accidentally hitting on people. :)

from 's "cartoon june" last year


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