I’m Getting a Beret…

and a cigarette. And a book by Kant. All props in the latest character to enter my life: the version of Ritz who drinks too much coffee during her too much time spent in coffee shops.

Last night I went to Bennu Coffee shop on E MLK to spend some time knocking down the beast of reading I needed to do. If you wondering why I’m spending so much time at coffee shops lately, it’s because I live in a 1-1 where my room mate’s fiance spends a lot of time. With two dogs.

So sometimes a public has more room for me than the couch where I live.  

Plus I don’t (typically….another story for another blog….in six months probably) know the people at the coffee shop so when I need to get work done I’m not tempted to close my computer and chat it up with the person next to me. (S, my room mate,  is too fun to NOT talk to)

So I go to coffee shops. Genuine Joe cause it’s close, Dominican Joe because i LOVE it, and now Bennu cause it’s open 24/7.   But I always bring my own coffee from home because I don’t want to spend monies.

Except that this is not a one time endeavor. It’s happening several times a week…

So imma havfta start buying coffee, so I can be a patron and not just a mooch. Maybe I can PAY for a coffee but still drink my own, since I can fancy it up at home. In fact, I’m going to start asking that question of managers and just see what kind of  reactions I get. I’ll let you know. :)

One thought on “I’m Getting a Beret…

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