Jam Night

Tonight was a jam night.


We had a dozen people over and spent several hours hanging out, cooking, eating, and listening to and playing music. There were a host of untweetable moments, some hilarious miscommunication, and some darn good food.

Still No! :)

Every moment was wonderful. I had friends from different atmospheres (although, as Javi pointed out, they mostly go to the same church) meet each other, and it is my joy to see people I love –  love each other.

Plus let’s go there: I LOVE musicians. So a guitar steadily strumming in the background is a ticket to happy ville.

I really do pray, semi-regularly, that in future life I get to live with musicians who will just sit around and play. I cannot tell you the amount of chores I will do to enable others to play music while I do that work.

But my favorite part of the night was when one of my friends admitted an issue that she was sad about, so we all stopped everything we were doing and prayed.  It’s becoming a more constant part of my life, spontaneous, out-loud, everybody participating prayer. And it’s amazing. So amazing that if I had to choose… I’d bite my lip-but I’d choose prayer over guitar.


(please please please, Jesus, can i have both?)


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