How Can I Pray for You (This Week)

Like most people, I sometimes have trouble talking to God.  I get distracted and sometimes feel unworthy or just not in the mood. But one of the things God has made about me is that I have the capacity to love a great number of people.

Like I do, I assumed everyone was this way. Everyone just CARED about everyone, not because it was better or worse, but because it’s the way I am (so that’s gotta be right, right?). But I’ve been learning that’s not the case (that my way is right or that it’s everyone’s way).

So combine me not “feeling” prayer and caring about lots and lots of people and what do you get? INTERCESSION!

Top image from Google image search. And pretty much the opposite of what I want people to conjure when I ask to pray for them. I mean, lightning hands are cool.... I guess.

Intercession is the fancy word for praying for other people. Interceding for them. Lately, it’s one of my favorite things about a spiritual life. I love interceding for people because I love them, because I believe in a God who answers prayers, because I believe that He loves them, AND…

because once I’ve been talking to Him about other people or things for a while, I forget myself and just talk to him about everything.

And I do. It hasn’t always been that way, it’s a gift that has grown as I have, increased with the time and effort I’ve been enabled to spend with Him.  And it’s a wonderful gift.

Anticipating this issue, and the opportunity to love on others, I’ve taken to asking people “How can I pray for you this week?” in lieu of “How are you?”

This accomplishes many things

  1. It helps me connect with friends who I may not otherwise keep up with
  2. It helps me connect with God
  3. It serves others! My prayers are often answered. :)
  4. It has a definite finish line. I can commit to praying anything for a week!

Just in cases you’ve ever dealt with any of the same, I do have one word of caution: Only ask someone how you can pray if you want to pray, and if you want to care. You’d be amazed how much more you care about a person once you’re praying for them.


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