Someday (Do Married People Make Out?)

Someday, if I ever get married, I wanna go to party and stay a little too late and get home really sleepy but stay up anyway just to make out.  I think I’d be that kinda lady, the kind that would be willing to have bags under her eyes and need an extra cup of coffee the next day, so long as I got to really enjoy making out with my husband.

Do married people make out more, or less, because they can have sex?

Oh COME ON, you know you would wonder, too, if you were me.

I did just get home from a party a little too late.  But I didn’t make out with anybody!

One time Shanna had to explain to me what “Before you were a twinkle in your Daddy’s eye” meant.


8 thoughts on “Someday (Do Married People Make Out?)

  1. Less! And it’s not so much because of the sex, but because we spend alllll the time together. So once you get back from that party a little late, you’re just interested in going to bed. =)

    Sadly, I thought I’d be that kind of lady too!

  2. That is disappointing. Ritz, maybe you don’t have to stay out late just to make out with your hubby. Or maybe you could make out during the party in an undisclosed place? :)

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