Snarky, Snarking me with your… Snark

I went to get Bruce inspected today. Two days late but no big deal, and it was somehow only $14.50. (I’ve been paying more for years in central Austin… Have I been getting bamboozled?*) I went to Groovy Automotive in South Austin because I’m having dinner with some friends down here, and had a strange series of encounters with the gal at the front desk. Snark would actually be a nice word for what this lady was dishing out to anything female that approached her. But I didn’t think saying something to her was going to contribute to the greater good, so I wrote the following to her manager. I’ve now become one of “those” people.


Ordinarily, I ADORE this place. Reminds me of my daddy.




Hi, my name is Ritz and I just left from getting an inspection at your new location on Slaughter. I must say the appearance and set up of the shop was wonderful, I was literally driving around en route to another shop but saw the waving blow up figure and was convinced to turn around. Groovy Lube/Groovy Automotive have been my go-to spots for all my maintenance since I’ve been in Austin, and I am consistently impressed with the service and especially the personal care I feel i get from all of the employees.  However, today I was quite different from my usual experience.

First, there was no “paging” system. When my car was first inspected, I 
had to notice it parked outside. No one came to get me and ask, it was completely up to my discretion to realize my car had moved. Then the young 
woman at the counter instructed me to wait a few minutes, at the counter, without explanation, after which someone came to ask me if I wanted my wiper blade replaced in order to pass inspection. =A0When I asked if the price was comparable to other places I could get one, I was answered that yes,it was, but an employee passing by the desk offered with a smile that I recieve a discount, “I think it’s comparable, but give it to her for $9.50.” (Magoo, I believe.)


It was, at least, the name on his shirt.

Then I waited no less than thirty minutes to get the blade replaced. At first, I waited up by the desk, but eventually went and sat down. This time
I kept my eye out! As soon as the technician returned with my keys, I returned to the front desk.


My main reason for contacting is to make this point: at every part of my experience, from first walking in, to asking if my car was ready, to waiting and hearing her talk to other customers, and finally when paying (without receiving the wiper discount) the young woman at the front desk was in a horrible mood. To every woman and every question she was entirely dismissive and short, even waving a woman away to the back at one point.

The person directly before me when I finally paid was a man, and unfortunately I have to report that she was very friendly and nice to him.

I say all of these things not hoping for any discounts or services. I find 
your prices fair and will continue visiting the Guadalupe and Red River locations as I have (and recommended) for years. But it was such a different experience from any other time I’ve been a patron that I thought you would like to know. Thank you for your time and consideration.


*Upon a little research, I realize that I was given the inspection for $14 LESS than is normal. I don’t know why. But I checked their website and called them and several other businesses. All of them say $28.75 for a state inspection. I asked when I checked out if that was the correct price for an inspection. Curiouser…and….


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