How this Internship Happened

Back in March, my boss and I couldn’t decided what to do with me. Staying as production intern didn’t seem like the answer- i’d been here two years and the desire was to pass off all of my responsibilities to volunteers (except for the big, contributing in staff meeting stuff).

sometimes this is what team meetings look like

But then I wouldn’t have a job. And if I didn’t work at the Stone, I wouldn’t be around for the big, contributing in staff meeting stuff. Jefe (actually what I call my Stone boss) confessed he later thought he was going to have to just call me in for meetings when planning big things, even if I wasn’t staff anymore.

Me, I didn’t want to leave because I love my job and the office and the people- I love what I do and being part of something that I know matters. (I have that gift in all my jobs. I believe it matters to help kids max their potential on standardized testing and put little ones to bed full of thoughts about Jesus, knowing they are loved.) But I knew there was a shake-up a-comin’.  After all, even in March I was pretty sure I was going to grad school (I remember saying that God had so clearly led me to apply that if I didn’t get in it would be one of the very most surprising things of my life.).

The solution came when I was driving to Tennessee. Jefe and I said we’d pray over the week and come back to talk about what we heard from God. God told me to let go of what I thought working for the Stone meant, and to embrace what He was calling me to. Ooookay.

kids flock

The next week, I pull Jefe to the side and say, “I don’t know what you heard, but this is what I heard, to broaden my horizons and let go of what I think this job looks like.” We had just gotten done talking about my nannying jobs, and I think I said something to the effect of, “I mean, I’m bound to work with kids. We all know it’s what I’m good at.” (But probably without the dangling preposition).

And it’s like a lightbulb went off.

Pretty soon after, John created the position of “Childcare and Special Events Intern” although I’ve yet to do much with the “special events” portion(i’ll mostly be planning fx, kidstuff parties, etc under that umbrella).  MOSTLY what I’ve been doing is staffing events and figuring out (by being helpless and praying) how to teach at them.

for funsies, we're also adding hopscotches to check in. just 'cause.

Right now, we’re basically reading through the Jesus Storybook Bible together (the kids make all of the sound effects for me. A room full of kids making the sound of a hungry lion or a scared Philistine army is a-maz-ing) and then asking questions about it.

Why did Daniel obey God instead of the King? Is it sometimes hard to obey God? What can we do when we are having trouble obeying? What happens when we don’t obey?

It’s so fun. I’ve always loved reading books to kids, and by God’s grace they really jump in. It would be really easy for me to look at the rest of KidStuff, (where we just put on a huge program called Detective Academy) and think I’m behind the game, but that’s not true. What’s true is that I’ve gotten just a taste of the amazing privilege of my job this year.  The two events where I’ve started teaching are things that have never had teaching before! And some of these kids don’t get ANY OTHER version of church. So no, it’s not “KidStuff” but we DO talk about the gospel and DO ask the Holy Spirit to work.


that’s how this internship (which technically doesn’t start until August 31st but I decided to jump on it during the summer) happened. It happen because of God.


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