Peddle Faster, Girl

Monday is the day of my highest readership.

I’m writing this on Friday, but I’m going to post it on Monday because of that.

On Monday I will be off at a staycation, hosted by some very dear people who are gracious enough to offer up a room and some sanctuary.  I’m STOKED.

Back to peddling. I recall a few years ago a friend going through a crisis. Literally, she wanted to change majors because although she longed to produce theatre, she couldn’t fathom asking people for their money her whole life, peddling out some product.

I told her, “Liza, everyone spends their life asking people to buy into something. You’re just doing it more directly, and for something you love.”

But its HARD to believe that, even though I know it’s true. Visions of vagabonds and gypsies with tonics and relics to sell dance through my head. Usually I like dancing gypsy imagery, but not when it means I’m hawking myself out.

Anyway, that’s NOT what I’m doing. I’m not peddling! Not really. Here’s what I AM doing.

I’m letting you know, my friends, that I NEED more support. I am so attached to what I’m going, because it’s fun and nice and I like it but primarily because IBELIEVE in it. I BELIEVE that kids need to hear about God, that He loves them and that He died for them and that because of that, they can live for Him. That he washes away sins and inequity and gives eyes to see the beauty of creation crying out His name.

I BELIEVE that kids NEED this. They NEED to know about Him. It’s the best thing you can ever give anyone, the Gospel is. And we’ve got to build up childcare. I don’t want to settle for “There were no fires and no one broke anything.” I want to give all of me so at the end of the day I can say, “We prayed for Him to come move and then we did everything we could to honor that request. And hearts changed, because such is the nature of our God.”

And to do that, I need support. I need at least $800/month. And I only have $250.  So that’s a lack of $550/month! Please help if you can. The biggest help is recurring donations, monthly. Can you give $100/month? No? Okay, can you do $50? $20? $5?

I’m not joking, $5 a month HELPS!

Some of us can more easily give our time and energy. Some of us can more easily give financially. Neither is better or worse. But if you are in the latter category, I’m asking you to help, to be part of this, to give the Gospel to the little ones.


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