The Effs

I was supposed to blog yesterday. And by “supposed to” I mean I set for myself that goal without actually praying about it but because it “made sense” to me (how many stories start that way and end in a way I can’t put into the blogoverse?) based on readership trends.

You seem to want to read on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so I want to give you something to read then. Or Maybe MWF because I’m university class trained and I like symmetry.

But yesterday I was busy cleaning, organizing, setting things on fire (a later post) and going to grad school oreintation.

There are SO MANY things to catch you up on that I can’t pin which one to talk about.

But this morning, I got a very sweet surprise in my inbox. I’ve already been uber-honest about needs and spending amounts, so I’m just gonna put this out there: A sweet family, The F family who just-so-happen to be my first internship supporters ever (back in the fall of 09) decided to give $500 as a one-time gift!

Woot! That’s a LOT of money, peoplefriends! And I am grateful because I just moved and this week and I wanted to support a friend on his trip to an unreached people group…but I also wanted to buy groceries. And at this moment, those two options were mutually exclusive. So, now (although I won’t start getting paid for another week) I can do both!

Also, God saw fit to give me two more tutoring students and two extra babysitting jobs this week. Which I’m PRETTY sure means I can pay for my car insurance and not have to worry about budget for that for another six months.

Basically what I’m saying is long term, I still need a lot more support. But God has given this lily her sunshine and food and clothes  for the day.

Yay produce!
Yay supporting missionaries!
Yay Eff Family. ;)

I have no pics of them because -though I LOVE them, I’m  trying to protect their anonymity!


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