Showing Stephen

pulled from the support blog that will launch next week:

Stephen, my fellow KidStuff intern (he’s the music dude. If it was left to me, we’d have kazoos and tambourines for worship) doesn’t know how to make his blog interesting. I, having a constant internal monologue and a rather impressive ego, assured him that I could help.

The main idea behind the support blogs is that if you want to support an intern, you’d probably like to know what you’re supporting. I mean sure, you might like me, but a girl with purple hair and a lipring, maybe you’d like more details on why you are giving her money. Is purple hair really expensive? Does this money do anything for the kingdom of God? Well, I’ll wait until later to share my line-by-line budget (I see no harm in sharing it with the people supporting it…or anyone) but today I’d love to share a quick story.

The story of an explosion.

via google image searchYes, an explosion of massive and epic proportions. An explosion. of poop.

Last week at one of our childcare events, I found that someone had absconded with our trusty childcare box. Most of the things can be replaced by other standard items from the KidStuff closet (also known as the wardrobe to the KidStuff office’s Narnia). Things like crayons, toys, activities, we’ve got lots of those and just keep a separate set in the childcare bin so that they are easy to keep track of.

via image search – Our close doesn’t look like this. Erin makes sure.

For some things, however, we only have one set. Like our baby kit. It includes such things as diapers, wipes, and pads. It is immeasurably valuable. Hence the minor and controlled freak out I had when I noticed it missing. “T,” I calmly said through a smile to the worker most closely responsible for the issue, “I need the childcare bin. I know you had nothing to do with this, but can you please resolve the issue for me?”

Quick as a bunny T got on the phone and secured me an answer. “It’s still at someone’s house. An hour away. And they are an hour from their house.”

Ah, brilliant. Of course, a woman as Holy as I had only one response. It’s okay! The Lord is good and it will all work out.

Which I sincerely believe.

Which is why, when one of the kids had a GIANT DIAPER BLOWOUT that traveled literally out of his diaper, up his back, and almost to his shoulder blades, I just had to laugh. It was the one week we couldn’t handle it “in house.”

what we DIDN’T have. via

Since this was going to require de-robing and washing out, and we didn’t have two workers to spare (a strict rule against one-on-one bathroom time to protect all involved), I had to run and get the little guy’s mom to help.

Luckily, we just so happened to have a stack of that thin brown packing paper out for an activity related to the night’s lesson. **whip** and like a flash it was off the wall and under his smelly bottom. The best part was that the baby was smiley-bo-happy the whole time, and even felt better to have gotten a little mid-lesson attention from his Mama. I think we made a friend that night.

from the showcase. Not the actual kid, but a similar look.

The moral of the story is, Stephen and the rest of the universe, that God is in control of big messy poops, missing childcare bins, and good attitudes. Which is good. Cause otherwise….

things would stink! (Bahahaha. Puns.)


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