So, What’s Been Going on?

Sometimes I don’t tell people what’s going on in my life because I think I’ll be expected to say how I feel about those things.  And usually, I’m not sure how I feel about them. Or, more precisely, I am not sure how to say it.

But I know that you love me and you want to know, so I’ve got an idea: A friend who is the most regular blogger I know does these weekly posts called Flashback Friday.  It’s where she relates something  currently going on in her life or the lives of her kids to something she did in the past. It’s great. It’s way better than what I’m going to be able to do.

buuuuuuut, I’m still going to try. So first: does anyone have any alliterative ideas? and what day of the week? I was thinking Monday…. But I feel like a recap on my past week every monday might just feel like a beat down. Anyway, rather than wait until I know just how to do it perfectly, I’m going to try now and hope I get better as i go.

So what’s been going on?

-I moved from the apartment with Shelby to the Intern apartments on Saturday. Due to the small army of friends who came, it was easy-breezy and the place looks great.

-C and I said goodbye, finally, for real, last Tuesday. I didn’t cry one single tear. Until I saw J, his little sister, and felt how she felt and have broken down almost every time I’ve thought about her since. Yay gift of empathy!

– Started grad school on wednesday. LOVED both classes I attended. Decided to drop class in San Marcos because I just don’t want to hate myself and the world every Monday. God affirmed this was the right choice. Am NOW dropping because it’s the right choice and not because I’m hateful.

-New blog on support AND online giving roll out next wednesday. Amen!

-Am starting to have dinner with more friends/families. Even if it’s a month away, I just like to get something on the calendar. Right now it’s a very full calendar but I am a very loved girl.

-Spencer started school yesterday too. My baby brother, my mom, and I are all in college now.

-My first Childcare gig in the new site is on Saturday from 8-4. I am beyond stoked about the new digs. Will try to post pics.

-Wrote Bipin, my compassion child, a letter. Recieved one too. Amazing.

Thanks for asking. What’s been going on with you? (That’s a challenge to actually answer the dang question in the comments)


2 thoughts on “So, What’s Been Going on?

  1. So I really hope this is a blog that you just wrote, and not one you wrote six months ago to post today…because if it’s the latter, I am really freaked out by your ability to predict the future…
    Also, I am being affirmed that I have (finally) started to make the choices God wanted me to make all along. Today alone He has affirmed my major and Stephen and my decision to get married in December. More on that in a personal greeting.

    Love you!

  2. Ha! the six-month-later series won’t start until around christmas.

    i’m not that good. ;)

    Thanks for answering and commenting. i LOVE comments. They remind me that I’m not just writing to no one, and I like being in a conversation. I’m excited about December!

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