You’re Welcome ;)

To everyone enjoying the Austin cold front: you’re welcome.

You see, you might be tempted to believe something ELSE caused the front. Something like el niño or the turning of the earth or even something about which Al Gore and Melissa Etheridge deeply care. But THAT is not the truth.

NOT the culprit. Via googleimagesearch

The truth is, my impending birthday ushered in the cooler weather. Because each year for more than twenty years, my birthday has been a couple of weeks preceded by a cold front. Exactly two weeks, this year. There is a tradition. Every year, either I call/text/email mom, or she I, to talk about it. The tradition started when i was young and every year, basking in the summer heat, I asked if we could have a swimming party. And every year, my cold front ruined my plans.

So this morning, I texted my mom:

My cold front came in!

And she replied:

Yep, no swim party for you, young lady.

none for me. via googleimagesearch

So…. If you’re enjoying this slight reprieve from three-digit weather, just know that according to Valle tradition, it’s my cold front, and it’s ruining my plans. ;) And you’re welcome.


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