How It’s Supposed to Be

There are words ringing in my heart, words said to me by friends over the past few weeks that have warmed me, reminded me of the things we are called to be.

A body.

A royal priesthood.

A community, not forsaking gathering and breaking bread together.

I’d like to share.

A sweet sister in Christ, lamenting my absence of late (I was in a pattern of seeing the family once a week) facebooked me, “When are you coming over? We miss our gypsy Ritzy!”

To be CLAIMED. To have someone, a group even, say, “This one is ours, we love her and we want her around.” THIS is how it’s SUPPOSED to be with believers. There aren’t supposed to be outsiders in Christ.

Another wise woman I love spending time and sharing life with had the grace to just sit with me while I cried and was a little crazy, opening up that I had insecurities about my place in many situations, and that was making me question my place in her (and her family’s) life.  Having spent so much time with them for a while, and then going through a period of spending very little time, I was all discombobulated. So she prayed. “God, please comfort Ritz. Let her know we love her, that we enjoy her. And don’t let her think of herself as an “ex.” We would never think of her that way.”

Wow. An extension of God’s love so clearly stated. Once again. “We love you and we want you around.”

And finally last night, when I stayed at a friend’s house with her daughter so she and her husband could go catch a show, and borrowed some pj pants since I’d come straight from work. She said, “Just wear them home and bring them back later. That’s what my girls always do. And you’re one of my girls.”

The loving embrace of family. The kind with inside jokes and borrowed items and cute nicknames. The kind that knows what you’re allergic two and throws a blanket at you when you walk in, ’cause they know you’re cold. The kind that exhorts you AND admonishes you and does both with a tender touch.

I hope your labor day finds you surrounded by such community, a place and a people where you can just be. And I hope above all that if you get what I’m talking about, even just conceptually, you get that ALL these gifts, as wonderful as they are, are just the faintest shadow of how we are loved by God, and the better hope we have in Him.


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