Rundown Wednesday: Life Works

Wednesday on my new blog schedule is Run-Down Wednesday: when I give you the quick-and-hopefully-funny rundown/update on what’s going on. (I feel like run down isn’t actually the word I want here, but until I figure it out I’m going with it.

So every Wednesday I’ll do my best to tell you what’s going on with me socially, spiritually, scholastically, and in service (the “s” word I associated with work – I’m trying peeps!).

Social: I have been SO blessed with requests/invitations to do things but, as you’ll understand in a moment, don’t have a lot of slots to say “yes.” I’m trying to put things on the calendar, even if it’s a month away, so that I don’t lock myself in my room and read all the time, and so that I get to experience my friends who I love so much. And so I have random adventures about which to blog.

Last Monday I got to hang and do art with the V family.

On Thursday I had dinner with the Gs. This is Josh. He's 10. Or 40. Whatevs.

Spiritual: I’m at the beginning of a year praying for a teachable spirit. As you might expect, I’m making a PLUM FOOL of myself most days. I’m also having rather disturbing dreams. I might try to convince my friends to have more impromptu worship sessions. To which the Holy Spirit immediately responds, “Or, your life could be a worship session.” Geez, HS, it’s like you think I’ve got the power of God on my side. Oh, wait….

That's me with Creepy Jesus, a statue back in TN.

Scholastic: My second week of classes was a little harder to sit through. I honestly think it will be wise to invest in some silly putty to help keep me still and attentive. Seriously, 6 hours is a BEAT DOWN to pay attention for me (I have back-to-back classes on Wednesday afternoon/night).

Studying Tuesday night. I see a lot of this table setting in my future.

Service: Work is fun. I love the office. I’m “office-ing”  from all over the place except for meeting times, since sometimes it’s just more efficient that way. John’s great about understanding and trusting that I’m working, wherever I am, when I need to be working. But I try to be in the office whenever I can because I LOVE MY COWORKERS.  I’m still trying to set up The City software in a productive way for childcare (I barely understand it myself) but until that’s done I send about 50 (literally) emails a day, confirming, planning, updating supervisors and workers.

Some ADORABLE kids I got to watch last weekend.

THAT JUST TOOK 400 WORDS. Wow. How did you like this? Seriously, you’re the one reading (hopefully) so how to you feel about the new schedule here and on my support blog? What do you like? What would you change?


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