Not the Brightest Crayon

Hokay. I decided just now to finger paint a little color into my hair. No big deal, have done it before.

But this time, instead of all washing off and leaving a faint, somewhat entertaining, purplish hue to my skin, (and changing the color of the fingernail polish on affected fingers)

the dye.




No big deal, right? Wrong. I’m in the choir at three services tomorrow. This is the posture I usually take during worship.

But with clothes on. I actually have a "thing" against actual photos of people worshipping....another post for another time.

And THIS is what my hands look like right now.

This is AFTER scrubbing.

I look like I choked a purple smurf!

I washed my hands so much and so hard that they hurt now and might be cracking.  And though I’ve used this dye many times, this has NEVER happened to me.

Hoping/praying my skin regenerates super super quickly and I wake up with ….at least far less of an issue.

(P.s Joss Whedon Fans, reminds of “Two by two, hands of blue….”)


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