It Might Be More Precise

Here’s how rundown wednesday is going to go: I’m going to write a short stream of conciousness.

thank God for math.

guitar. rude. phone. hate. love. Kevin.

i made myself dinner. It’s so good.

I came home at 8pm to my leftovers in the fridge. It was at this point that I realized I’d forgotten to eat today.

Jamie. Larabar. Meal?

What do the shadows do in the night?


parking ticket.



daddy. guitar. icemom. text.

jellybean exchange program.

frosted lipgloss. ::shudder::

angry marine

handsy marine

more than one marine.

seventy three words.

miley cyrus. cayley werner. mom. (s) group.


tan. critical eye. emphathy. tarot cards. trauma. wolves.

derek webb.

flip flip.


blogfodder. because you pay too much attention to me.

“There is a level of chubbiness that you have yet to surpass. I swear i exist just to give you topics to blog about.”


honeybee dance.

that’s what you aren’t saying. it might be more precise to just say what you ARE saying.


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