There is a line in To Wong Foo, Thanks, Julie Newmar where Chi-Chi says, “I wanna see the place where Miss Vita was burfed!” Since I saw it, I’ve usually said “burf” instead of birth when referring to days of out-of-the-womb-life-beginning.

Based on track record, an enormous amount of people are going to wish me happy birthday. It’s just what happens because I AM LOVED. (can’t help it, it’s in the name, peoplefriends)

Anticipating this, I’d like to give you a few recent photos.

on it's own, my computer named this "007"

one day i experimented with smokey eyes. You know what's NOT alluring? getting glitter in your eye and walking around with it scrunched up all night.

snapped this on my own. was SUPPOSED to show that the kid will just start gnawing on you, given the chance. Looks a little like I'm holding him hostage. Sowwy Emmy.

don't be fooled by his aloof act. he loves me.

Now, there is no theme or direction to these photos, it’s just friday and I know you like pictures.

BUT IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!! And I’m not going to write the “25 things I want to do while I’m 25” post that would be a great idea for goal setting and probably be entertaining to read. Instead I’m going to tell you what I want for my birthday and direct you here.

Yep. I'm resorting to giving you PUPPYDOG EYES.

Because if even one half of the people who usually read this blog gave me just $10/ month, i would be DONE fundraising and be able to quit the side jobs that are keeping me from sleeping/sanity. Don’t feel bound to that small a number, though. ;)

So do a girl some good and guarantee yourself some more interesting stuff to read. For my birthday: go donate. Thanks.

Oh yeah and remind me to blog about my first kiss, why i have nothing to offer, the powers of yes, and being a pretty pretty princess. Trust me, you want to read those.


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