The Run Down is a Beat Down

THE hardest posts for me to write are the Wednesday run downs. Because it’s just hard to sum up all the things that happen in a week. Here are some pictures of what I’ve been doing.

We were studying together. ;) I watch a lot of kids.

Somehow finding time to hang with friends. Usually a lot of them at once.

Childcare all the time! We've even started worship!

When i can upload more from my camera (these are all from my phone) you'll understand what's going on here.

Birthday present from Daddy- new wheels and tires!

I've been having a lot of nightmares. That's what's up with the bed-a-shambles.

Scholastically: still not putting in as much effort as i’d like, but getting better. I’m very grateful for the little assignments often given me- they force me to make sure I’m doing work for the classes, and right now, I need that. I’m learning a lot and sometimes it’s too much for my little brain, and heart, but…

Support: I’m now half way to my fundraising goal- which means enough is coming in for me to cut back on all these outside jobs and have more of me to give to school and…

Service: Work at the Stone is great. There is always so much going on, and I’m very much seeing how God has grown me to be a self-directed worker. I’m tackling new stuff all the time and He’s giving me the wisdom and strength to do it well – and the insight to know it’s only by His grace. Which leaves…

Social: I’m trying to limit my getting-together-with people to just once a week. I’m failing miserably but I am doing better than before. It’s hard because I’m also trying to keep in touch with all my supporters/ let people know that the cards they got from me this summer are now incorrect. It’s a lot of phone calls to make. Also, C, the “i-thought-love-of-my-life” finally moved. I know, I haven’t told you anything about that but suffice it to say that I will one day and when I do it will make more sense but for now: I’m just having a lot of nightmares about loosing people I love, probably because somewhere in my heart/brain I’m registering that he’s actually GONE now. Though I’m well on the road to healing, there’s still some junk there.

Not that that’s going to keep me from sleeping at his house (where he moved from on MONDAY, where his mom, dad, and six siblings all still live) on Thursday because my relationship with the other family members is as good as my relationship with him is non-existent. Read: extremely.

Also, I’m trying to learn how to play guitar.

I'm concentrating inordinately much for a simple strum exercise.

Oh and yeah, I know, I owe you those posts I talked about last week. But you’re not doing a very good job of keeping me accountable. ;) What do you want to read about?


4 thoughts on “The Run Down is a Beat Down

  1. Good post, glad I found your blog, good to see you a couple weeks ago.

    Now that we have all that out of the way… Did you steal my blog picture header??? Check it out:

    I mean, I can’t blame you for stealing it exactly, since I got it from “old books” on google image search. I also can’t blame you because you aren’t the only one. See “”

    Oh well, I guess great minds think alike.

    • Thanks Hoose! You reading makes me feel a little more legit. :)

      I’m glad I didn’t use the pic of you I was going to for today. (I’m SO bad about not asking for permission to use pics of ppl)

      i just a wordpress theme. I don’t even know why, it was just the least of all ugly-theme evils that day. I don’t know how to make it fancy.

    • No, but funny story, my daddy called all upset about it. “Now If you’re -a-playing left handed and you ain’t left handed, that’ll cause trouble….”

      It’s just that my webcam takes reflection pictures. I don’t know why.


      Now I want to try left handed and see what happens. (Don’t tell daddy) ;)

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