Vera Bradley

****I am thankful to report that i wrote this a couple of weeks ago, and it is absolutely not the case anymore. The more I know who I am (the less I’m in an identity crisis) the less I want to buy things. But it’s funny (strange, and maybe ha-ha too) so here it is. ****

I’m not sure what this means about me, but….

I’m totally lusting after a Vera Bradley bag.

I don’t need a new bag. I have plenty of purses (meaning I have at least one. That’s plenty. But I actually have many) and I have a backpack. Plenty of bags. No need for more.

I went to a party* the other day and LOOK

everyone had the CUTEST bags

I brought a perfectly sensible and somewhat cute wallet that converts into a clutch, which was absolutely low maintenance and great….but NOT like these bags. I confess the ugliness: I WANT pretty things.

I absolutely cannot afford such a thing. I can’t even afford tuition, groceries, and gas right now. (Plasma donation, I’m comin’ reluctantly back).

But if I could afford it, would I? Could I spend even $34 (a super clearance price for one of these puppies) on a PURSE?! Knowing that it would be almost as much as a compassion child for a month?

Or, by 2005’s numbers, feed 14 immanuel missions children for a month?

Ugh. In Heaven, pretty things won’t come at the cost of important things.

*Yes, I go to a lot of parties. (All kinds of parties. My life is a party. You’re invited.) 1-4 a week depending on my work schedule and what company I’m keeping. I like people, and I like to go to the things they invite me to. Because it’s important to me to love. And it doesn’t suck to be invited to lots of things.

***further update- I do NOT go to parties as much now that school has started.***


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