Kind Hearted Blogger

I can across this button while looking through blogs linked on friends pages.

I love the concept. I have a lot of young friends, particularly junior and high school kids, who I get to share life with. And I remember back when blogging, especially during tumultuous issues of drama inevitably related to being pubescent (oh, fun word) was synonymous with passive-aggressive, pseudo-anonymous rants.  It seems my Dobie High School colleagues and I were not alone, and the trend continues.

Anywho, I went over to the Kind Hearted Blogger page and read and agreed with most of the point, except the last, “believe that the world is a good place, filled with good people.”

Which I just.don’t.believe. Maybe it’s the restless and reformed in me. I’m admittedly one of the optimists in the room. When my staff assigned me a theme song, it was “Pocket full of sunshine,” and I’m gifted with a pretty light disposition, but I DO NOT believe the world is a good place, or that we, (hypothetical plural form of “anyone” ), are good people.

I believe that God is a good god. All good. And that anywhere he is and moves and reveals is good. And that all things work for my good as I have been called according to his purpose. And by these things I live and breathe and, hopefully, blog.

So I like what KHB is doing/saying. After all, the only thing love is before “kind,” is “patient.”  I am challenged to refine my mission statement in blogging. I am challenged to find a button that says “I’m a 1 Peter 2:1 Blogger.”

But it needs to be cute. And maybe have a picture of an owl.

via googleimagesearch

Maybe an animated one ’cause this guy is KINDA creepy.  Geesh.


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