Ignore the Bruising

I don’t think I bruise too easily. I mean, I’ve taken some hard hits and come away un(visibly)scathed.

WHAT does this even mean?! Via theage.com/au

There is the one time I was dancing with the G’s (one of my extended families) and I hit the floor, intending to slide, and BUSTED MY KNEE. It was over a year ago. I still have a darker patch of skin on my left knee cap.

But GENERALLY, I’m not that delicate of a creature.

That being said, I’m also not that delicate a creature when it comes to my behavior. I climb things. I fall off of things while climbing. I get climbed on. (by BABIES, people!) So let me just tell you that if you mix  un co ordinted with hyper, you get falling over and knocking into things.

I find falling less graceful in color. via dailymail.com

Plus I drive with my knees so often…..(What? Who said that?)

So I get bruises sometimes. And most times, I don’t know what particluar fort-building, baby-rescuing, or fool-acting experience it was that caused the darn things.

So, if you see a shiner, I promise, I had fun getting it. So just ignore the bruising.


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