New Theme

I read a post from Storing Up Treasures (and by read a post I mean read about the last six months of this woman’s life…and!) detailing how to make headers. Maybe you knew this, or maybe it’s intuitive, but I had NO IDEA. So of course I’ve spent the better part of an hour

in class

on my computer

making headers. I mean don’t blame the blog. Use the blog as a resource. I’m just saying, I now know how to make headers.

What do you think?

listen to me. like this guy. ;)

someday maybe ill learn enough for you to listen to me play. Right now I only pick.

I don’t know yet (and hope to learn) how to do one of those collage-y kinds of headers, and would MOST like to use a rotating header, but at this point that would really be reaching for the stars. Unless you know how. And can teach me. I’m saying the above images…they’re pretty good for this girl.

Also, I chose a new theme because I wanted one that properly utilized the header. My favorite aspect of the new theme is that there is a SEARCH bar on the top! So now when i want to reference a previous post, I can SEARCH it.

Yes, peoplefriends, I know you’re riveted. What does that expression come from?


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