When it comes to not sleeping, I could be an olympic-level athlete.

I’m talking Michael Phelps here, people.  And I don’t know what the darn the outfits would be, but hopefully they WOULDN’T be speedos…’cause that would be cold.  Like honestly, haven’t you ever wondered if they (whoever they is) had to warm up his medals …or maybe the whole room? You know the image of which I speak.


Since you can't see below his waist, I feel comfortable saying this: He looks cold.



I digress. So. I’m BAD at sleeping. So bad, in fact, that i didn’t sleep last night. Literally, no sleep. I tried reading the bible, I tried journaling, I tried going for a walk, listening to music, and even driving. Which I never do as a sleeping tactic because driving for the sake of the drive is wasteful and I have my mileage pretty well budgeted.  But to no avail. Sleep is for those who are….not me.


So this morning I was feeling awful at work and decided to take the long lunch break (1-4) to go home and try to sleep. I took my second shower for the day (I tried that, too) and, taking a risk, decided to lay down with my hair wet.

Did you know that when it dries naturally, my hair is curly,


and completely unmanageable?


Maybe that’s a good analogy for me.


Anyway my nap was thwarted by my complete inability to sleep (maybe i’m a vampire… I did play Bella on friday…) and so this post is brought to you by the makers of Ambien….a product I don’t consume, but may consider investing in later in life.


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