When Boys Like You

I think there’s a thing about someone liking you, about being “enough” enough for someone to notice you more than other people that’s just…nice.

poor dude. (googleimages)

Anytime I’ve ever gotten the “i like you. Like…LIKE like you.” speech, (yes I HAVE heard those exact words. 19 year olds are…fun (: ) I’ve always wanted to tell people,

Hey! Did you know that I’m special? I am! Someone picked me! They picked ME to like. Me to think of as pretty, and funny, and whatever else is associated with being “liked.”

she's so happy. ;) and...that guy could be Jesus...ish. (googleimages)

But, ignoring the scarring and idiocy that goes along with getting the speech nowadays (I can explain that later) , there is  greater point to be had here.

I realize it’s nice when a boy likes you.

It’s nicER, at this age, when a man likes you. ;)

It’s beyond Glorious and Magnificent and Awesome that God, the one that made the universe and you and everything in between, loves you with such intensity that He chose you.

He chose YOU to adore, to think about.

He chose YOU to bless and to tenderly care for.

He chose YOU, on purpose! Before anything else, BEFORE He made creation. The Bible says so.

Even if you don’t feel like it, it’s true. Someone likes you. With an always and forever, stronger than anything kind of love.


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