Kevin Mac: Friendiversary

Never was a story of more “what the crap, why are we still friends, when we are such bad fits?”

than that of Kevin Mac, and the girl who taught him not to clean with napkins, Ritz.

Kev and I have been friends since Oct 15, 2004 so that makes today our six year friendiversary. What a wild ride it’s been. As just the tiniest illustration, I’ll related the following tale:

The last time Kev was in town (he travels all the time. Geesh, who DOES that? ;) we went to a softball game. When we got out of the car, I noticed something strange.

“What color are your shorts?”
“Uh, red. Why?”

Did people assume we were dating because we matched? No.

They assumed we were married. Apparently softball games are married people things. After the last confusion I said, “I think, since we’re friends, it’s wonderful and appropriate. But seriously what are these people thinking, cause if we were married I’d be really upset about our lack of any physical touch.”


I love you Kevin Andrew Mcpherson. I love that you taught me to sneeze in my elbow and that you aren’t a big lame-o grumperfrump and that SOMETIMES, you even know how to play. Happy six year friendiversary.


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