I definitely underestimated the emotional and physical drain of full time work, full time grad school, and side jobs. I didn’t think they’d be easy, but I forgot how far in advance EVERYTHING would need to be planned, as well as just how deeply my social life would suffer.

Luckily, most of my church family is the sabbath version of that nerdy hall monitor we all got nabbed by at one time or another, and having been called into a “you are a workaholic” meeting once already (more than a year ago) I have learned my lesson. So I sabbath.


A Simpson Sabbath Monitor makes me giggle.


And the sabbath was made for me. It is a special gift, not a constraint.  And like most gifts, it needs to be wisely yielded to produce the greatest benefit. How fun is a seadoo in a dessert? Or a slip-and-slide in the deep winter? Exactly. So I’ve got to sabbath well to have a good sabbath. You truckin’?

Maybe not. First offsies, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here. (And everyone who was present for the affair, fell free to be thinking of Eli, the 8 year old, hopping up in the middle of the lesson and declaring, “Excuse me but I don’t know what a Sabbath is!!”)

I’m thinking of all this because I’m having to be creative and smart about sabbathing right now. I mostly have to take every chance to work I get, since I need to pay my bills, but jobs (especially tutoring) can be at the most RANDOM times.  Like today, Labor Day (I know, I did not post this on the day it was written) I had to tutor from 10-12.  So that means my sabbath is noon today until noon tomorrow. But I am not  more creative about securing provisions than my God.

For instance, despite the fact that I’ve got rice and chicken to last for days, I really wanted some fruit. I just couldn’t afford to go get it. But last night some very generous friends surprised me with some extra money, and I was able to go and investigate some new gluten-free, lactose-free food options. I was also able to stop by sprouts and get a metric crap-ton (technical term) of produce. Which. I. ENJOY. so. much.


Cause I'm a little bit culturally Catholic, I lit a candle thanking God for produce. The newest roommate responded similarly to how she does when I speak Spanish.


This morning, another sweet friend texted me (the second to do so in a month) and said, “I’ve got a groupon and want to take you out. Come to dinner?”

So Dinner’s taken care of.

And the Giraffe texted after that. “Que paso hoy, amiga?” (What are you doing today, my friend.) So you guessed it, dinner and a drink (probably lemonade) as a sweet cap to my day.

I am very well cared for. I have a very caring Father. And now I’m going to leave you to go be with Him. You should consider hanging out with Him too.


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