God Must Have Told You That

Last week, I got to meet Ben Rector.  He’s the artist that wrote/recored Into The Morning, the album I listened to on repeat for most the the healing process after my last break up.  I don’t think any of the songs were break up songs, and at the time I didn’t know that he is a Christian, but I found such hope and truth in his lyrics. Like “When a Heart Breaks” which has the lines:

This isn’t easy,
it isn’t clear
And you don’t need Jesus
Til you’re here
The confusion and the doubts you had
Just up and walk away
When a heart breaks.

You can listen to that song and others from the album here. I reccommend you buy the CD because he’s a great guy and clearly, I love his music.

What’s really funny about meeting him starts way back. The Sunday after Q broke up with me, a friend walked up and said, “I’ve got that CD for you.”
“That CD that I was telling you about in the car.” (this converstion happened while I was fighting with Q…. Dave just didn’t realize)
“Oh. Okay, thanks.”

I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, and I am 100% against illegal copies of music, but I didn’t care about anything at that point, so I took the burned CD and replaced what was already in my stereo- a CD of a song Q had written for me.  (I KNOW HOW RIDICULOUS THAT IS)

So I listened. And I cried, and I laughed and I danced because the music is just that fun, that good. But I always felt  a little guilty enjoying a CD of illegal, stolen music.

Fast foward to a few weeks ago when my friend  The Social Worker tweets about a Ben Rector concert here in Austin. Can I afford it? No. Do I have the time? No. Do I buy the ticket anyway because this man’s music changed my life and it’s been too long since I went to a show- something I greatly miss? Yes.

Then fast forward to last Tuesday, when Ben tweets “Anyone want to sell merch? I’ll give you 2 free tix”


the table - fotos from The Social Worker


Figuring he’ll get responses like crazy, I still chime in, “I already have a ticket, but I’ll help you.” (it was funnier than that, I’m sure)


Now, for the record, this man is married. And he is IN L.O.V.E. with his wife. You can see it when his eyes light up singing about her, and how he is careful and polite but NOT flirty with the hoard of young girls (literally) lined up for a hug and a picture.  But that did not make me feel one bit less excited that someone who, to me, is FAMOUS AND AMAZING decided to DM little old me. (DM is a twitter thing. It’s like sending an email, just on twitter.)


The Social Worker wrote about it too! http://shannonfrawley.blogspot.com/


The Social Worker and I went to the concert and had a blast manning the merch table, listening to the amazing music, and making friends with the couple doing merch for the other artist, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors (also just amazing musicians).  Staci, the wife who was there, asked how we’d heard of Ben, and I told her about the break up and the healing.  When I told her I was intentionally pursuing singleness, she replied. “Wow. God must have told you that. I’ve never heard a girl say that before.”

Well, yes, God did tell me to.  He decided to give the me present of a plan for some time in my life. The gift of some guidelines for what’s best for me. Good thing, too, cause of what happened a couple of weeks ago on the stairs… which I’ll tell you about…eventually. ;)

Andplusalsotoo, P.S. I not have a LEGAL copy of the music – a gift from the Rector for helping with merch. Thanks, Ben.


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