Consider this Fair Warning

Over the next two weeks (at least) I’m going to be spending investing an enormous amount of words in order to tell you a couple of stories.


le sigh... I can only come up with so much on a google search.



They (the stories) will be about a break up, a confession of feelings, and singleness.

They will be, at times, very funny. They will be, at times, silly.

They will be, the whole time, honest, open, and lengthy.

And they clear up a few things you may or may not have wondered.

So here’s your warning: If you don’t give a darn about romance or stories, and you DON’T want to hear how much of an idiot i can be (c’mon, you know it makes you feel better) or how much things DON’T go the way I plan,  stay the darn away from this blog till mid November.


And if you DO care, here’s a preview for ya:

The Great Aprilgust Debacle
And Then There Was … Nothing
The Little Grasshopper
I’ve Wanted To Tell You
Did You Not Think About This?
Talk On the Stairs?
Why I Didn’t
The Speech!!

And feel free to go here to find out why I’m not shaving. ;)


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