Okay, Why Hoyt?

I’ve gotten this one a lot lately, so of course, I’ll tell you the story:

Hoyt told me he had feelings for me about a month ago.  A few nights later, before we had decided it was most beneficial to not be friends for now, we were hanging out and I said, “I need a name for you, so I can talk about you on my blog.”

Hold on, let me show you a picture first.




The man is bald. And he has a beard. So… back to the story.

“How about ‘The Eagle,’?”
“You now, some eagles are bald. Or maybe Dragon.”
“Cause…there are bearded dragons.”
“I was thinking more of a Jim or a Tom, an actual name that just isn’t yours.”
“OH! Well, as long as it’s not Hoyt. I hate that name. It’s ridiculous.”

Ridiculous…says the theologian/scientist who just asked to be an eagle or a dragon…while the wicked little woman next to him plots how funny it will be to call him just that!

meanwhile, the above photo is super cute, but I think it’s even funnier when you add it’s counterpart, a photo of me from the same time.


Again, go check out http://ashleyandreano.com/ !


I love the composition of all of Ashley’s photos, but when I was looking for one that captured well the bald/bearded thing, I especially smiled while comparing Hoyt’s simple, precise attire and methods (and itty bitty tool) and my loud, wild, helter skelter technique and corresponding GIANT wand.


5 thoughts on “Okay, Why Hoyt?

  1. bummer… I wanted it to have a fairy tale ending and for God’s rays of light to shine down and proclaim that your sixmonthsofsingleness has been divinely shortended! Perhaps that’s because I’m very much the hopeless romantic type! haha
    I hope your journey continues to treat you well… I’m thinking of you! :)

    • haha. Well, i guess i jumped the gun in this post, forgot i haven’t explained yet that we decided to not hang out until after the SMOS.

      it’s still cute. and it’s better this way….harder, but better. you’ll see. love you!

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