Getting You to Get to Know You

It may be harder than you think.

For instance, can you answer the following three questions:

What do you want?

Why do you want it?

What are you doing to get it?

(leave answers in the comments, puhlease)



3 thoughts on “Getting You to Get to Know You

  1. One of my BIG wants is super shallow, but after reading ‘A praying Life’ it is now on my prayer card and I don’t feel guilty about asking for something so non-eternally minded…
    1) I want to run in the Boston Marathon
    2) why? Because it would be awesome! it would mean I set my mind on something and trained hard for 30+ weeks to accomplish a very tangible goal and it would show me that there is a fast runner inside (i know she is there, I just keep battling injuries that keep me from really training)
    3) I am going to hold off on running until Christmas time and then really really really ease back into a training program, I need to be safe with my running and I have not been : (

    oh and my other very shallow ‘want’ is to have arms that are slender and sinewy (this is very different than ‘scrawny’) but I don’t do anything about, I just want them (because I hate my arms)

    fun questions Ritz! Not sure if that is what you were after. But it prompted me to write back – so I did :-)

  2. I’ll start!
    I want – to learn to play guitar

    I want it because – i really like worship through song and want it in my life more.

    What am I doing to get it? – last night I had to get new strings and today, I’ve got to convince someone to show me how to restring it.

    see, it’s not hard!

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