Hallowed Singleness

SMOS means being intentional about some things that I would otherwise, for better or for worse, not think much about.

Like Halloween with the Quierdo. (Which, for the record, should be “querido,” the spanish for word dear one, but i’ve been spelling it wrong for so long that I actually call him quierdo, so…)

The Quierdo and I have been doing couple costumes for 5 years.

We’ve been Trinity and Neo. No pics of that one but we. were. hot.

A vampire and a punk rocker. Because punks date vamps. ;)

Aladdin and Jasmine (remains our magnum opus)

Characters from Mortal Kombat (with 19 other people)

I'm far right in purple. He's got the red headband, on the right.

(last year we weren’t a couple, we were just together, and forgot to take pic.UGH! way to ruin tradition!)

So it was clear on Nov 1st of LAST year that we’d be doing another Halloween together this year. It’s what we do!

But, peoplefriends, the plain-and-simple-truth is that when I go out-

I get attention. Don’t take it for more or less than it is, it’s NOT related to my dress. Really, I’m just too smileyto be downtown alone. People (yes, men and women) feel INCREDIBLY comfortable approaching me. There is only one thing that has ever affected the level of…approachal? And that is:

Having a date.

But I didn’t want the quierdo to be my date. Not because of some lack in him. But because I’m intentionally pursuing singleness and to do that, you don’t have dates to things. And because, as you might notice from the pics, we’re kind of couple-y already. So I was already going to have to combat our natural tendency for sparks. ;)

Since Halloween is a time that ::adults:: (or…grown adolescents, maybe) tend to be a little freer with advances and affections, I had a two-tier plan. First: we need a costume that had quierdo as the meat and me as the potatoes. So he’d get more attention than me.

Then, I needed more company to keep me in check. Not a date, just someone else to remind me when I’m about to do something stupid. The results of my plan? Corbin-Dallas (a friendtern who was in town and gracious enough to join me for the sole purpose of accountability) and….




Reporter Costume- sufficiently easy AND modest. Woot!

Hot on a trail...




Kent gets sassy, Lane stays classy.


Corbin Dallas, (my fave character from 5th Element and) my keeper for the night

Corbin and Quierdo being cute.


So farewell, days of Halloween being an excuse to drop the two inhibitions I have.

Hello, Holy Spirit’s loving guidance and ideas for costume that are fun, cute, and classy.


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