People call me lots of things. Most of them very nice. Well, most of the ones they say to my face are very nice. ;) (bazinga!)

Lately I’ve noticed lots of people call me Miss Ritz. ..

Sooooo. I thought I might need to explain the title of my blog.

Sooooo. Back when I started a year and a half ago, I just wanted to write down all the funny things that kids do. And I noticed a theme: all the kids I watched called me Miss Ritz. I don’t know why, I don’t introduce myself that way. Maybe it’s because Ritz is a weird name. Maybe it’s because I try to refer to people with titles (every notice how i address EVERYone with sir and ma’am, even children?). It’s just part of me that’s stuck since childhood. And really, it’s been a battle to keep myself from calling the people I work with Pastor this or Uncle that.


what happens when kids have to listen to me ;)



Sooooo. Kids call me Miss Ritz. So parents do too. And I noticed that EVERY time I watched kids (nearly daily, sometimes multiple families in a day) the last thing the parents would say, nestled in with “i love you” and “have a good day” was the ubiquitous “Listen to Miss Ritz!”

It was a command, to obey.

So I titled my blog with what seemed to be the beginning of all my adventures, that kids had been left in my charge. But that, ironically, what I was having so much fun doing was listening to them.

I realize now that the title seems much more like I think I’m an advice collumist. Which is funny because typically I have the following advice:

Let’s pray about it.
What does the Bible say about it? and
Don’t be mean. (or don’t be a creep, or a snark-butt. depending on my mood and the day)

And now, it would just be silly to change it. And I don’t know what I’d change it to.


ya really wanna listen to a woman who finds this reputable for consumption?



But maybe I’ll take it like this: I’m a storyteller. I tell stories. True, hilarious, almost-always-complicated stories. And if you want to, you’re welcome to listen to (read) them. But, you don’t have to listen to miss ritz. ;)


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