sortakinda what I meant to do

Today I had a LOT of writing to do.

I wrote a lot, but it wasn’t what I needed to write.

That being said, here’s another preview of what’s to come (they ALL have accompanying pictures! yay!) :


Bedset Thankfulness


Not Letting Myself Off The Hook

I’ll Call it Caring

The Banner Year



Beauty Shop

The Seven Faces

Attack of Touched By an Angel

Ring Tattoo

and then a short, 4-part series I promised: The Six Months Later Series, stuff I wrote back when Q broke up with me that I thought was valuable, but too fresh to post at the time. Now, I see a lot of it was lies, idiocy, and find it even MORE valuable to post, to share the lies the enemy will tell you, that you might fight them as well.


Also, tomorrow there will be a VIDEO POST on my support blog. Featuring interns climbing into air ducts.

Here is a pic for no good reason.


i love trish




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