bedset thankfulness

A little early Thanksgiving.

A while back, some friends posted on facebook that they had moved, and had some spare decorations to get rid of.  Since we’d just moved into the apartment, I thought anything would be good. Plus, I just so happen to adore this couple’s style.

I went, and scored some great paintings, candle holders, a wine rack, and lo and behold, there in the pile was an AMAZING bed set.

I thought it was PERFECT! But, I have a full bed, because that’s the size we picked out for the intern apartments (where I live is furnished!) and full beds are not that common. So no biggie, someone else would get it. Until….

Morgan says, “Oh and there is this set, but we never use it because we have a queen and this one is a full.” Woohoo!!

notice how it's perfect with the lamp i already had!

So thanks, Morgan, Aaron, Liza and baby bump.  I feel totally jazzed every time I see my perfect-for-my-style, totally-comfy bed set.

And I’m not too upset about my only-thing-that-keeps-me-warm down comforter, either. ;) (yes. they also gave me my very own warm fluffy comforter!


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