The Banner Year

I recently left the apartment to go out for several hours, dressed for a full day’s activities.

“You doing something today or you just look cute?” Questioned Lejcar, the Austen-loving-newest-Austinite room mate.

“Oh, I’ve got to tutor, then work some, go to a birthday party, and then go see a band.”

“What band?

“(the) Banner Year.”


“Oh, uhm, they aren’t just a band.

I dated the drummer

worked with the lead guitarist

went to school with the singer

and went on tour with them in 2008.”


So…they aren’t just any band. In fact, they aren’t a band at all anymore, since the show I went to was their last. Jason, the lead singer, is moving to Florida for his love. Facundo, the drummer has already moved to Houston for his. :) so it seemed, after five great years, it was time to put it all away. It was like a high school reunion, seeing all the old gang again. It was b.e.a.utiful and so so fun!!


I sadly didn't get very good pics of them that night.

a classic shot with Josh, "giant read headed god of bass"




There is such a comfort, I’ve mentioned before, to be with people who have known you so long, before you got settled in who you are, but who remind you to still be the person you used to be.

The love I have for the men is akin to no other relationships I have. And the the relationships we all, the friends faithful to come to show, share, are fun and RIDICULOUS, a million stories just waiting to be told. Like that girl in Chicago, or that guy in DeKalb, pr the lobsters in the claw machine, or the WORST DONUTS EVER, or the best mohawk ever….

except that what happens on tour, stays on  tour. ;)

2 thoughts on “The Banner Year

  1. I am also glad to have so many great memories with you and the guys over the years. Many stories! (and pictures)

    Ah, I remember the first show I went to, it was a Tuesday night, at Red Eye Fly of course, (just a few days after Sharon and I moving to Austin) and there were only 8ish people in the audience. Ritz we watched these boys grow up :)

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