Party Date

It occurred to me a few months ago that, were I expecting to meet someone at a party, I would look for that person.

If I was dating, or married, or even just looking forward to seeing a friend, and I knew that person would be in attendance, I would seek them out.  Even if the meeting wasn’t supposed to happen, if I just longed to see or be with this person (we’ve all been there- placing ourselves where we know the object of our affection will be) I would seek to find them.


Seems intuitive, right? I mean don’t we all agree that if you make plans to see someone, even if it’s in a crowded place, even if there are other people or things to catch your attention, if you really want to be with this person, you FIND them. You do NOT just wait for them to show up. You do not wait for them to find you. The love you have for this person causes you to pursue.


Who in their right mind would go to a party where their love was supposed to be, sit in a corner, and go home, upset that they never saw the one they desired, especially upset because he or she was supposed to be there? No one. If your love is supposed to be there, you look for him until you find him. You are not satisfied until you do. Maybe you mingle and smile and converse, but all the while you are looking. And maybe, when your search yeilds no results, you stop everything else and you JUST seek the one you love. You seek until you find. Because of that love. Because of that desire you do not rest until the object of your affection is also the subject of your attention. And you, the object of theirs.

And the more time I’ve spent with my Love, the easier this person is to find. I know his laugh, his voice. I hear him above the din of the crowd. There is a comfort in communication, an ease of intimacy, that aids the search. I find my love, you find yours, in much the same way you find your way down the roads of your hometown, comfortable, second-nature, almost unquestioned you find yourself as you find your love. Home. Secure. Right.

So why is this seeking not what we do, every day, every where, with God?

We KNOW He’s there. We know that our delight is with Him.  So why don’t we look for Him?  While we shop, while we read, while we drive, while we sing. He is everywhere.  As we spend time with him, with His Words and His Spirit, in communion with the Body, we is easier and easier to see. He has always been there, we have just not yet found the rythm of finding Him. He tells us to seek him. He says we will find Him, the object of all desire, when we do seek.

And yet, like the smoke and dim lights, the other company and loud music, the activities and decorations of a party, we let the fluff of the world keep up from seeing the One we truly came for. The One we love.


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