Heralding the Purple Scissors

Here’s how is started:

“Where are the purlple scissors?” – M
“I don’t know where the purple scissors are. I’ve been looking for the purple scissors for a month!” -R
“We lost the purple scissors?” – J
“What’s important about the purple scissors?” -B
“They’re usually right here,” -M, digging in the dining room cubbies
“I have some but they’re tiny, baby sissors.”-J
“The ones with the band-aids on the handle? Those are the same as the purple scissors.”-R
“No the purple scissors are way bigger.” -J
“I’m going to ask the boys.”-M
“The boys don’t have scissors. The girls do. They’re brown.”-R
::picking guitar, staying out of great-purple-scissors-confusion of 2010:: -B


So… we can learn a few things about this situation based on the above conversation. First, my friends and I refer to things based on appearance. Be aware. Second, there are musicians in the background of almost every scene worth seeing. Third, we have no (applicable) scissors.


Enter the hero of today’s saga:


J came home with this hombre.

“Do you see the irony?” -J
” How do we open them?!” -J



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