One-Up (or attack of Touched By An Angel)

I told you in may about the fun little light trick the world played on the cross wall in the old apartment.

Well the light fixture in the new apartment decided to one-up it. Obvious much?


just works out that way.


It only looks like this in pictures, though. We noticed when we were taking pictures of the apartment to, no surprise, blog them.

In real life (not in photos) you can’t even tell the light is centered. It diffuses all over the wall. I don’t know why, other than God decided to be funny, it does this in photos. But I like it. :)


Here are a few more of the place, taken in Sept (soooorrry)


living room. furnished by TASCC


all of these look like they got attacked by "Touched By An Angel" with this lighting.


my room before the new bedset



mels side of the room which has also, since, changed




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