Ring Tattoo

I’ve gotten something pierced or tattooed every year since I was 12. And I’m 25. And that’s another series for another day, but for now, I wanted to share with you my FAVORITE (especially poignant during my SMOS) tattoo.

it did not take more than 2 minutes, literally

the only man in the city i could convince to do the job.

greek lowercase "brotherly love"

I got it back in April, about two weeks after Q broke up with me, in the middle of a really hard time, actually, but I’d been dreaming of getting it for YEARS.  Some very special, very Godly women didn’t want me to get it (because they figured that when I got married, I’d want to get one with my husband) and that’s why I’d put it off for so long, but it was finally time. Each of my tattoos has a very special story of God moving in my heart and life and this one is no different.

It’s held up okay, but it is NOT perfect. None of my tattoos are, actually, each has it’s own little idiosyncrasy. (Maybe not the one behind my ear, but i never see that one.) I got it from Johnny at Rock of Ages Tattoos which is one of the only shops in Austin that will even CONSIDER tattooing hands, and this was especially hard to get because EVERYONE said it was too many characters for such a small space. The only reason this guy did it was because I walked in and said,

“This will be my sixth tat and I’ve done my homework. This is what I want and this is where I want it. I know this will be painful, i know it will be squished, i know it won’t hold up as well as something somewhere else and I know it will NOT look clean in a few years.”

To which he replied.  “Oh. Okay. I can get you in five minutes.”

So if you are okay with ALL of the above (depending on size, design, and artist, some can turn out WAY better than others, but ALL will fade with time)  then this is the process to take when getting a tattoo. I don’t recommend my artist and shop because there are better out there, you just have to go to another city and pay more. But my guy was fine for what I was going for.

All of that being said, i LOVE this tattoo. It means so much to me. It’s on my left ring finger and it’s the greek word for brotherly love. As I understand it,  the New Testament uses three words for love, one for romantic, one for God’s, and one for our love toward our families. This is the last. I recommend any research GOOD research you can do on the subject because it’s a great words study. But back to the tat.

This little marker reminds me every day that I am chosen. I am loved. I am special, I got picked. I got called out amongst all the others and marked as someone that God wanted and no one and nothing else could have. My soul and my heart are his and maybe, someday, I’ll share with someone else, BUT ONLY WITH GOD’S PERMISSION.

So why this word? Because there is a saying, I don’t know where I heard it, “Until he’s your husband, he’s your brother.” It reminds me that I am in a covenantal love with God, and that until there is a different ring covering this one and signaling the change in my current status, I am to treat all men as my brothers. (something, you may have noticed, I am not great at).


2 thoughts on “Ring Tattoo

  1. When I got married way back in 2001 (!) I got James’ wedding ring inscribed with those very three words, Eros, Agape, and Phileo. So, needless to say, I love your ring tatoo! ;)

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