Never Met A Ben…

that I didn’t like. Even in the Bible! If John McClain (played by all-that-is-man-actor Bruce Willis) was a character in the Bible, he’d be Benaiah, one of my favorites.

His story is here, but dude was a BALLER, he slew a lion, in a pit, in the SNOW. Which reminds me of the great day I had out with the Giraffe recently. We found this in a book store.

and this while we were walking

I LOVE getting to go out and go for walks, especially in malls or museums, looking at the things around us and discussing everything and nothing at the same time.

Oh, speaking of Ben(aiah)s (and how I never met one I didn’t like):



Barcelona Ben, bringing down the house. ;) What would the 7 o clock KidStuff do without him?


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