Looking Back and Not Turning into Salt

You know, like Lot’s wife. It wasn’t good for her to look back.


But it is good for  me, today.


It’s so good for me to look back and see ‘WOW,’ God has fulfilled the promises he made and is making new ones.


It’s encouraging to see that even back then, God had a good enough grasp on my heart that I was okay letting go of any grasp I might have on Q.


Oh and by the way, here is Ritzland, we are crazy. And ‘Q’ is the same person as ‘C’ i just used to call him ‘C’ when I referred to everyone by their name’s first letter. I don’t do that anymore because there are too many people and I don’t want you to confuse ‘C’ the ex with ‘C’ his brother or ‘C’ the mama friend who LOVES me or ‘C’ the revolutionary from Nashville. See? ‘C’ would be confusing. ;)


So the ‘C’ mentioned in the six months later series is always the same man, the man in Oklahoma who I love with, now, a much purer love. Who I appreciate and about whom I smile.

So it’s good to look back because it calms my heart and reminds me of how much healing God has done, and how he’s molded even my mind, my thoughts, to be more in line with His.


I never expect to look back on my life and see that I reacted well, that I did what God would have had me do, or that I will tell a story I’m glad to tell. But looking at today’s earlier blog, I see how much GROWING God has done in my life and my heart in the past year, and I am filled with hope anew as to where he’s going to take me this next year.


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