Finishing the Six Months Later Series

I just can’t leave it hanging like that.


I only wrote four posts. What started and I thought would continue forever fizzled out as I got distracted by other, more valuable things.


There is only so much reflection on a thing gone and passed that can be helpful.


I stopped writing about missing him in a toturous, painful fashion because we learned, we learned how to not be together.


I stopped mourning his loss as God gave me a full time internship and grad school – things I love and things at which I’ve excelled this semester – to concentrate on.


I even went to Dallas once and did not think about how I was only four hours from him. Mostly. :)


And in all that, I did not hate him, did not even stop enjoying him, I still love him. I love him for the man he is and do not resent him for not being the man I wanted him to be.


And so I’m so grateful that I let myself write those sappy little posts six months ago (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the first four of my last five posts) so I can look back and see where God has taken me.


If you have a second, please feel free to take a moment and pray for him. Q, one of my heroes, a great man who God will use in great ways. One of which I still hope will be as my friend.


(my eight-hours-away-and-maybe-we-dont-talk-that-much friend ;)


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