More Than One Forever

This is how I spent my Thanksgiving (and how, for the most part, I’ve spent my last 5. The kids are rather recent additions).

Lunch with Brosef:

Time spent with Dr, Mrs, and the kids. Including but not limited to the GF bread Mrs made for me (oh how I’ve missed bread) and the beautiful weather that just lured me into some communion time.

an absolute highlight of my break from school and work

and, of course, time with the squeezies.

taught my main squeeze how to make a "creeper" face


worked his way into my bed to snuggle and my heart to stay


that's dried sausage on a string. yum-huh.

Par for the course, I didn’t get any pics with Mrs, but I got a gem of Dr.
I love any time I get to spend with this Family. I love them and they have made me feel like one of their own for so long that not one single person ever bats an eye when I walk in, if it’s Christmas or just a random Tuesday, escorted by relatives of never-before-seen boyfriend in tow.  I could stay here always, I could be here anytime. And speaking of hyperboles, I could kiss this bald head and love this sweet man forevers. That’s right: more than one forever.

he loves me more than it looks like he does



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