The Well-Known Secret

I’ve been avoiding the blog. I’ve still been posting but in case you haven’t noticed, these are obvs posts from a month ago, when i wrote them, and set them to post later. There are a few reasons I haven’t been blogging. Including the fact that I’ve been fuzzy brained and just out of it, but mostly because of




Because, (and how can I put this gently?) I smashed the SMOS and started dating Ben (Hoyt’s real name) and although all of it was very prayer/Godly counsel led and although it’s been a blast to see the Gospel played out in this (for me) very new way….

i feel like a liar.


Because I didn’t tell you when it happened.


And because I broke the SMOS


And because it was QUICK like a flash (i had every intention of wating to talk to him until March and I didn’t know I had feelings for him) and to really explain would take a lot of words,


and because i want to really explain.


Partly because it’s a cooooool story. And funny.


But mostly because ….


I’m afraid if I don’t explain, you’ll think I’m a liar. That I don’t keep my word. That I am unaccountable to my commitments.



And it’s a well-known secret that:


all of that is true.



Without the Gospel that is.


But it is Christmas Eve, and in preparation to celebrate the coming of my King, in effort to rid myself of this nagging, because I want to shake off the fear and the doubt and rejoice with Israel that Emmanuel has come,


I’m posting this right now and hoping that the rest of the words will come when they do.



May the blessings of anticipation rest in your hearts as we again commemorate the Great Love Story that started with a tiny babe.


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