Something, Anything

This is another real time blog. To hopefully make up for the wretched timing of the one that posted earlier. Funny blog, just not for Christmas morning.


Last night was Christmas Eve. I’m doing my absolute best to think just about this year, and not what was going on last year at this time (Ahem, i was being called “a princess to save” by Q when he came over with 5 male family members in tow to save me from a legitimate crisis/nightmare that I will NOT recount).  I was doing my best to comfort and communicate with GWN, another thing I call Hoyt (who’s name, you may recall, is actually Ben) who is spending his holidays up in Ohio. (my best is not super great) Moving on…


Last night was Christmas Eve Service time at the Stone, where I work and where I worship.  I’d had a good day, but a long one, and somewhere around hour 12 (only 6pm and we weren’t leaving till 10:30) i CRASHED! Headache, so I ate. Gluten. Mistake. So I drank coffee. Mistake? Then I went to worship. NEVER A MISTAKE.


SAW Q FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS. Not mistake… but I hadn’t planned for this. I knew it might happen, but I’d not rehearsed any words, not made any back up plans, anything. I can’t even remember if I made eye contact.


Rev-Most-High, a friend and elder at the church (who I call that just be sassy cause he told me not to call him “Elder”) says it’s better that way, that I hadn’t thought too much about it.

But then I also didn’t know what to do. And there were 12 people waiting on what I was going to do. Possibly mistake.


Anyway, it sorta worked itself awkwardly out and I eventually got to my mom’s house to sleep. But I was all sorts of wonky, and it was Christmas Eve, and I REALLY wanted to celebrate the joy of my king! (I know, I know, you all would have had me over. It just was a time when I needed to go to bed but… just, understand that I get that you would have had me). Moving on.


I parked in my car on the street and I SERIOUSLY considered sleeping in it just to avoid having to wake my mom up. I was that not-up-for-dealing-with-anything (again, this was mostly just i’d been up a long time and had consumed stupid foods).  So I laid my seat back and prayed “Daddy, please. give me something, ANYthing, just to let me know you love me, to let me know you’re here.”


With my eyes still closed, I heard a car pull up. My brother, with a key to the front door and a cheerful heart.


It was INSTANT. A reminder of how much He loves me. And He doesn’t have to remind me, but I’m so grateful that he does.


Wishing all of you little Christmas miracles and praying for the miracle of a changed heart for many on this day that we recognize the glory of the coming of the King.


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