Large Orange Juice. No Ice.

I’m drinking a large orange juice (no ice) from Sonic. Did you know Sonic had orange juice? I didn’t. And I don’t know how much it cost, cause bubs(my brother. like, my real, the way you would call it brother, (okay we have different dads so he is my half brother but) moving on…) bought it for me.

I’m sucking down orange juice because of two reasons.

First, because I’m having a bit of a reaction (no big deal) to the Yellow Fever Vaccine I got last week. I had to get the vaccine to take the surprise-gift-trip to Uganda that I leave for next week. And because I got the vaccine, I probably won’t get Yellow Fever.  So all in all, this is a good reason to have to suck down O.J.

The other, funnier, much more ironic and ridiculous reason, is because yesterday

for Christmas

I was with la familia. And having said that, I’m just going to need you to know that if you haven’t been reading for the last few months, the rest of this post just isn’t going to make sense.

Do you know who else was with la familia for Christmas? Q. Because it’s his dang familia! And where was Hoyt (who I am dating) while I was with the family of Q (who I used to date)? In Ohio. With his family. Who doesn’t get a nickname yet. ;)

And everyone was fine with it and it was just one of those things that I could explain but it woudln’t make sense but it DOES make sense or it did and either way…

Q and I ended up going for a walk. To have our talk. That talk we promised we were going to have back in August (the promise that was the culmination of the great Aprilgust debacle) and can i just say that when we got back, we realized we’d been walking/talking for two hours? And that it was, then, TWENTY SEVEN DEGREES OUTSIDE.

This is one of those times that I just look at my actions, realize how silly they look, and still say, “worth it.”

But probably only because I didn’t have to buy my own orange juice.


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