Hyper-Responsive to Stimuli

That’s a word I learned in class this semester, and one that rather accurately describes me.  When I get cold, I get chilled to the bone, I breathe cold, I think cold, and that’s when I CAN think, rather than shiver and try desperately to get warm.

Like right now, I’m wearing to pairs of pants, two pairs of warm fuzzy socks, and I’m tucked into a down comforter. But I’m still cold.  If I weren’t writing papers all day, I’d have on mittens.  It’s also difficult for me to stay on task if there is ANYTHING to distract me. And if you ever watch commercials with me, good luck!


But it’s got another side, this hyper responsive nature.


It means that when I step into the sunshine not only is my skin warmed, but also my heart. When I drink a sip of coffee, I throat is comforted  and my mind reals with thankfulness to a God who made warmth and comfort (and coffee).  It means that I that a reminder just about every moment, a reminder too loud to ignore, that I am a little creature in a world full of things (cold and heat being just two) against which I bear no meaning.  I am an insignificant thing.

But the one who commands the winds and the waves, the one who tells the sun to go away and the frost to calm itself after winter’s time is gone, He is the one who fights for me!


Oh that I could be hyper responsive to Him! To respond each moment in wonder and praise. Arms raised in thanks. Heart open in worship.

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